Silvino Bernardo, best known as “Bê”,  decided to take a positive approach to this world-wide pandemic and started cooking handcrafted burgers in his own house as a way to provide to his family in these uncertain times we are living in. Using the knowledge he acquired during all his years in the food/restaurant industry, he started mixing premium types of meat with selected ingredients, creating juicy burgers that can amaze anyone, including food critics. Since his start in the beginning of 2020, he has gathered a big list of customers and now he’s ready to take the next step to expand his business.

Once we received the news about his new endeavor, we decided to step in and help him succeed.

B-Burgers logo utilizes the letter “B” as the top bun to not only use the brand’s initial, but also to display his handcrafted bread which has the same “cut” up top. The hyphen became a patty in between two buns on the logotype, creating a second read as an “e”, this way, completing his nickname “Bê”.

Besides B-Burgers’ visual identity, we also designed some items, such as hoodies, skateboards, baseball caps, etc, to be sold in-store, generating brand awareness and also driving up the revenue.

The color choices make sure this burger shop stands out from the crowd and makes the brand recognizable, specially when your appetite calls for a delicious handcrafted burger.