One of the largest furniture manufacturers in South America decided to expand their business to the US and upon that decision we were awarded the opportunity to develop their new visual identity.

The briefing was to not only develop their new logo but also to come up with a name that was chic & elegant in a way that wouldn’t appear to be “designer” furniture brand, which can be extremely expensive, and their mission is to offer premium quality furniture with accessible prices.

During our initial study of their well stablished brand in South America and also the custom products they offer, one particular piece stood out to us, their best-seller nest swing. Based on the research, we started to create names that would relate not only to their brand but also their products and mission.

Our focus was on words (things) that would create a relatable connection between customers, products and the brand itself. The brainstorm process revealed the words nest and shell topping our list.

Having settled with the word Shell, we then explored some word variations and also different languages. Guscio, an Italian word that means shell was the clear name of choice, not only for bringing in the needed elegance but also for the protection that offers to its inhabitants, two qualities offered by our client to their customers, elegance and peace of mind (safe transactions and quality products).

Having the new name approved, it was time to roll up our sleeves and start laying out some ideas. The design was based on the Nautilus Shell, Logarithmic Spiral and also the Golden Ratio, creating a unique and visual appealing shape that represents the letter G. The colors palette used was based on the selection of colors they offer on their custom furniture line, creating that way the final link between products and their new brand.