Julia Garcia is a Brazilian orthodontist that treats mostly children and teenagers. When she decided to start her own clinic in Rio de Janeiro, she contacted me to help her creating her new visual identity.

After the research phase, we concluded that a lot of children (and also adults) still have an enormous fear of dentists, and that was a problem that we needed to address. Based on this information, we’ve then decided to take a friendly approach to her brand, making it fun and amicable.

The words teeth and brackets topped our list of words/elements to be present on the design. Making use of her own initials “JG”, we created two teeth and added brackets to create the connection with her line of business.  To address the problems noted during the research phase, we transformed the cited design elements into smile faces, creating this way a friendly logo to diminish the fear people have of dentists.

The feedback from her clients were stunning and she also said that her youngest patients felt more comfortable to visit her clinic and said her logo was super cute.