I was asked to help a client to take his idea off the paper and bring it to life.

The idea? An App dedicated to pet lovers where they could keep track of everything that’s important to their little “babies”, set-up reminders for vaccines, find the closest pet shop, etc.

The name was created by mixing the sound of a dog barking (woof – au au in Portuguese) with a common Brazilian name, Alfredo. We knew since day one this fun and engaging name, “AUFREDO” had everything to be a big hit in the Brazilian market.


Since the product was an App, we created the logo for this purpose, an App icon. The concept behind the symbol is not just the paw of one of our furry friends, but also the letter “A”, initial of the name of the App.

Making use of bright colors and fun icons, we color-coded each section of the app to make sure any user, including kids, would be able to know promptly the section of the app they were in and most important, remember how to get back to that same section without the need of multiple clicks, making the overall user experience easy and fun.

The whole app experience was created having the users in mind, giving them access to sections like “their pets”, providing them the ability to find nearby pet shops and/or vets, pet friendly places as malls, restaurants, etc and of course, a way to engage with other pet owners, creating or attending events created through the app itself.