The Coffee <br>eak was created to be a shared workspace and coffee shop for tech people.
The name is a word play to represent not only “time for coffee” but also one of the most used lines of coding, the “<br>” (break).
All the design elements in this project were created having HTML and CSS coding in mind, starting with the logo. The letters “BR” were placed in between “< >” to represent the well-known line-break.
The packaging makes use of actual lines of code to define the <style> of each type of coffee, passing through coffee recipes written in code language in the background that consumers can actually follow to create different types of perfect coffees, like lattes, macchiatos, etc.
And if you know a little bit of coding, you will see that even the menu-board on the wall makes use of lines of code to break down their product lists (<ul> and<li> tags), and that also doubles as a chalkboard for their customers to write down ideas and share with other coders possible bugs so they can help each other while enjoying a made to perfection expresso, macchiato or americano.